Folia Horticulturae

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The yielding of greenhouse tomato grown in straw and rockwool substrates

Józef Nurzyński

Department of Soil Cultivation and Fertilization of Horticultural Plants
Agricultural University in Lublin
Leszczyńskiego 58, 20-068 Lublin, Poland

The experiment with tomato ‘Cunero F1’ was held in a greenhouse where plants with 23 fruit clusters were grown in substrate consisting of rye straw, wheat straw and rockwool. A closed system of fertigation without re-circulation was applied. The plants grown on all kinds of substrates were fertilized with the same nutrient. Usefulness of rye straw and wheat straw as substrates for greenhouse tomato cultivation has been established. The comparison of the yield of plants grown in straw with the yield of plants grown in rockwool showed no substantial difference. The content of dry weight, vitamin C and sugars in fruit has been differentiated to a small extent. After 34-week vegetation period (at the end of the experiment) about 70% of straw has been mineralized. In the period of vegetation the content of mineral N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S-SO4 and the content of pH and EC in the substrates tested have been differentiated only to a small extent.

Nurzyński J., 2006. The yielding of greenhouse tomato grown in straw and rockwool substrates. Folia Horticulturae 18/2: 17-23.