Folia Horticulturae

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Accelerated strawberry growing under perforated film and needled cloth

Bożena Radajewska

Department of Pomology
Agricultural University in Poznań
D±browskiego 159, 60-594 Poznań, Poland

Studies were carried out in the years 1999-2001 in Poznań. Three strawberry cultivars: ‘Elsanta’, ‘Honeoye’ and ‘Kent’, and 2 types of covers: perforated film and needled cloth were studied by accelerated growing method. Control combination consisted of plants grown without any covers. On the basis of commercial yield and wholesale prices in the successive harvest terms (according to Wielkopolska Agricultural and Horticultural Market in Poznań), the gross income for each growing method was calculated. Perforated film applied as a flat cover before winter in strawberry growing gave the best effect accelerating fruit ripening by 8-9 days in comparison with the control combination without covers. Needled cloth exerted a lesser effect on the acceleration of fruit ripening (1-5 days), but it resulted in the highest yield.

The highest gross income was obtained from ‘Kent’ and ‘Elsanta’ cultivars grown under perforated film cover, depending on the season and on the cultivar, reaching 1116-2028 PLN 100 m-2.

Radajewska B., 2005. Accelerated strawberry growing under perforated film and needled cloth. Folia Horticulturae 17/2: 111-117.