Folia Horticulturae

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Analysis of genetic similarity of apple tree cultivars

Miłosz Smolik*, Danuta Rzepka-Plevneą*, Izabela Stankiewicz*, Piotr Chełpiński**, Katarzyna Kowalczys*

**Department of Horticultural Plant Breeding
**Pomology Department
**Agricultural University in Szczecin
**Janosika 8, 71-424 Szczecin, Poland

Eight phenotypically differing apple tree cultivars from the collection of the Agricultural University of Szczecin were analyzed using the ISSR anchored polymerase chain reaction. Out of 30 primers, 11 were chosen for the final study. Those amplified a total of 414 bands out of which 342 (83%) were polymorphic. Specific ISSR products were detected for each apple cultivar. A dendrogram was constructed using the UPGMA method which revealed three distinct clusters: I – ‘Jonagold’ and ‘Jerseymac’, II – ‘Katja’ and ‘Lired’, III – ‘Gloster’ and ‘Oliwka Żółta’. Similarity within each group was 63.5%, 71.5%, and 63.5% respectively. ‘Gala’ and ‘Freedom’ constituted a separate group, differing from other cultivars.

Smolik M., Rzepka-Plevneą D., Stankiewicz I., Chełpiński P., Kowalczys K., 2004. Analysis of genetic similarity of apple tree cultivars. Folia Horticulturae 16/2: 87-94.