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Fertilization value of papilionaceous plants in the cultivation of white cabbage and onion. I. Yield

Romualda Jabłońska-Ceglarek, Robert Rosa, Anna Zaniewicz-Bajkowska

Chair of Vegetable Crops
University of Podlasie
Prusa 14, 08-110 Siedlce, Poland

The effect of green manures with papilionaceous plants on the yielding of white cabbage and onion was studied. The catch crop intended for green manure were sown at the turn of March and April and ploughed down in the first ten days of June. In the first year after ploughing-down of green manures, white cabbage, and in the second onion were cultivated. The greatest amount of organic matter and macroelements were supplied to soil with field pea. In the cultivation of cabbage the mixture of vetch and field pea showed the highest yield-stimulating value. Onion cultivation following the ploughing-down of the examined catch crops caused an increase in yields in comparison with the growth after farmyard manure and without organic fertilization.

Jabłońska-Ceglarek R., Rosa R., Zaniewicz-Bajkowska A., 2003. Fertilization value of papilionaceous plants in the cultivation of white cabbage and onion. I. Yield. Folia Horticulturae 15/2: 19-25.