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The effect of nitrogen fertilization rate on the yield and quality of two cultivars of parsley (Petroselinum sativum L. ssp. crispum) grown on different soil types

Renata Pasikowska*, Barbara D±browska*, Ewa Capecka**

**Department of Vegetable and Medicinal Plants
**Warsaw Agricultural University
**Nowoursynowska 166, 02-787 Warszawa, Poland
**Department of Vegetable Crops
**University of Agriculture in Kraków
**29 Listopada 54, 31-425 Kraków, Poland

Two cultivars of parsley (‘Festival’ and ‘Paramount’) were grown on three types of soil (GBPS - grey-brown podzolic soil, BS - brown soil, CPBS - complex of podzolic and brown soil formed on sands) at four rates of nitrogen fertilizer application (0, 50, 80, 120 kg N ha-1) in the years 1998 and 1999. Parsley plants of ‘Festival’ yielded higher than those of ‘Paramount’. In 1998 on the GBPS and CPBS soils the leaf yield of both cultivars was higher than on the BS soil. The significant effect of a nitrogen fertilizer rate on the yield was noted only with ‘Festival’. In 1999 the leaf yields were considerably lower than in 1998. The applied rates of nitrogen fertilizer did not significantly affect the yields of the two cultivars tested. Both ‘Festival’ and ‘Paramount’, similarly as in 1998, yielded best on the CPBS soil but this time on the BS soil their crops were equally high. Leaf dry weight of the two cultivars tested was higher in 1999 than in 1998 and lower on the CPBS soil than on the GBPS and BS ones. The rate of nitrogen fertilizer did not considerably affect this feature. In 1998, on every soil type with increasing rates of nitrogen fertilizer a decrease in L-ascorbic acid content in the leaves of ‘Festival’ was found. This compound content determined for ‘Paramount’ was considerably higher but was not affected by the rate of nitrogen fertilizer. In 1999 the content of L-ascorbic acid was higher than in 1998 and with both cultivars the lowest was noted in the yield from the CPBS soil. Nitrate content in leaves was affected by soil type and was higher as well as more differentiated in 1999 than in 1998. No uniform effect of nitrogen fertilization level on nitrate accumulation in the parsley leaves was found.

Pasikowska R., D±browska B., Capecka E., 2002. The effect of nitrogen fertilization rate on the yield and quality of two cultivars of parsley (Petroselinum sativum L. ssp. crispum) grown on different soil types. Folia Horticulturae 14/1: 177-185.