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The effect of plant age on mean berry weight of six strawberry cultivars

Izabela Dejwor-Borowiak, Bożena Radajewska

Department of Pomology
Faculty of Horticulture, Agricultural University
D±browskiego 159, 60-594 Poznań, Poland

The research was conducted from 1993 to 1997, in the western part of Poland, at the Experimental Station in Przybroda near Poznań. Three experiments were carried out under high unheated plastic tunnels and six strawberry cultivars were studied ‘Elsanta’, ‘Honeoye’, ‘Kent’, ‘Kama’, ‘Real’, and ‘Syriusz’.

In all the experiments each year the mean berry weight was evaluated, this being calculated by dividing the total yield gathered in the season by the total number of berries. The studied cultivars differed in the mean berry weight of the total yield, both among particular cultivars and in particular years. Depending on the year of the experiment and the cultivar, it ranged from 14 to 4 g. In nearly all experiments, in succeeding years, the average fruit weight decreased with the age of the examined plants. The largest fruit usually occurred in the first year and the smallest in the third. The differences in average berry weight among cultivars exceeded 40% in one year. In the third year the average berry weight of the total yield was 30 to 50% lower than in the first year. Every year the fruit of ‘Elsanta’ and ‘Honeoye’ were decidedly the largest, while those of ‘Kama’ and ‘Real’ were the smallest.

Dejwor-Borowiak I., Radajewska B., 2001. The effect of plant age on mean berry weight of six strawberry cultivars. Folia Horticulturae 13/2: 149-157.