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Some factors affecting flesh browning in ‘Gala Must’ apples

Jan M. Ben

Department of Pomology
University of Agriculture in Kraków
29 Listopada 54, 31-425 Kraków, Poland

‘Gala Must’ apples were picked on three dates: in 1998 between the 128th and 142nd day and in 1999 between the 124th and 138th day after full bloom. In the 1998/99 season flesh browning (FB) symptoms appeared after 180 days of storage. At 4°C FB symptoms were few, whereas in CA stored fruit none were observed at the same temperature. In apples from regular storage and CA kept at 0°C browning symptoms increased with delayed picking date. Storage prolonged to 210 days caused increased apple susceptibility to FB at all CA temperature combinations. Atmosphere containing 5% CO2 + 2% O2 intensified an increase in FB symptoms, contrary to 1% CO2 + 1% O2 where they were significantly smaller. In the 1999/2000 season slight FB symptoms, visible only in apples from the 2nd and 3rd picking date after 210 days of storage at 0°C (in cold storage and CA), suggest that the apple susceptibility to FB is strongly connected with climatic conditions during the growing season.

Ben J.M., 2001. Some factors affecting flesh browning in ‘Gala Must’ apples. Folia Horticulturae 13/2: 61-67.