Folia Horticulturae

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Paclobutrazol induced biochemical changes in microshoots of Citrus species

B.N. Hazarika, V.A. Parthasarathy, V. Nagaraju

Biotechnology Laboratory, Division of Horticulture
ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region
Baraparani-793 103, Meghalaya, India

An investigation was carried out to discover the biochemical changes in the in vitro cultured microshoots of four citrus species viz., Citrus reticulata., C. volkameriana, C. reshni, and Kinnow (C. nobilis × C. deliciosa). Shoots 1-2 cm long from in vitro grown plants were cultured in Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with various levels of paclobutrazol (0, 0.25, 0.5 0.75, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 mg l-1). The results indicated significant variation in reducing sugars, total soluble sugars, total phenols, starch, and protein. Paclobutrazol treatment also increased total chlorophyll and epicuticular wax content per unit area of leaf besides high survival (97.2%) when transferred to soil.

Hazarika B.N., Parthasarathy V.A., Nagaraju V., 2000. Paclobutrazol induced biochemical changes in microshoots of Citrus species. Folia Horticulturae 12/2: 69-77.