Folia Horticulturae

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Shoot cultures of strawberry cv. Syriusz

Monika Małodobry, Ewa Dziedzic, Włodzimierz Lech

Department of Pomology
Agricultural University
29 Listopada 54, 31-425 Kraków, Poland

Strawberry cv. Syriusz was multiplied on modified media, two types of explant being applied. The greatest number of shoots, 5.2, was obtained on the MS medium + 0.5 mg/l BA + 0.1 mg/l IBA. The standard type of explant was more advisable. The experiment was carried out for 29 subcultures. The greatest number of shoots was obtained in subcultures from 1 to 14.

Małodobry M., Dziedzic E., Lech W., 1997. Shoot cultures of strawberry cv. Syriusz. Folia Horticulturae 9/1: 105-112.