Folia Horticulturae

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Yield of early leeks in relation to agronomic variables

Eugeniusz Kołota, Katarzyna Adamczewska-Sowińska

Department of Vegetable Crops
Agricultural University
Cybulskiego 34, 50-205 Wrocław, Poland

Two field experiments were conducted in order to optimize production factors in early leeks, grown for harvest in July. The best quality transplants and maximum marketable yield were obtained by sowings at the beginning of January. Similar effects were noted from sowing carried out two weeks later, while its further delay to February caused a significant reduction in yield. Early leeks planted in mid-April responded well for all types of covering used for 5 weeks from transplanting into the open field. Among the tested covers flat perforated plastic with 50 holes per 1 m2 appeared to be slightly more efficient, followed by a low plastic tunnel and Agryl P-17.

The method of planting did not affect the yield of leeks harvested early, until mid-July. For harvesting at the end of that month the method most preffered was individual planting of leeks with 25×8 cm spacing.

Kołota E., Adamczewska-Sowińska K., 1996. Yield of early leeks in relation to agronomic variables. Folia Horticulturae 8/1: 19-28.