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Micropropagation of Asparagus densiflorus Jesson cv. Myriocladus

Anna Pindel

Department of Botany
Faculty of Horticulture, Agricultural University
29 Listopada 54, 31-425 Kraków, Poland

The effect of the kind of explants and the composition of media on the micropropagation of Asparagus densiflorus Myriocladus was investigated. Nodal sections and internodes of shoots of in vitro seedlings and also discs of shoots from in vivo plants were found to be suitable for this purpose. Depending on the composition of the media the obtained callus tissue produced shoots and roots most intensely on the MS medium with 5.5 μM NAA and 4.8 μM kinetin, and also with 2.9 μM IAA and 4.5 μM BA. The latter medium also stimulated originated embryo-like meristematic structures. 90% regenerated plantlets with a well-developed root system were obtained in the case of media with ancymidol (5 μM) and an increased content of sucrose (176 mM).

Pindel A., 1995. Micropropagation of Asparagus densiflorus Jesson cv. Myriocladus. Folia Horticulturae 7/2: 83-91.