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The effect of sowing and planting dates on the growth and yield of sweet pepper in greenhouse conditions

Stanisław Cebula

Institute of Vegetables and Ornamental Plants
Faculty of Horticulture, Agricultural University
29 Listopada 54, 31-425 Kraków, Poland

The investigation covered the response of sweet pepper plants to different dates of sowing and planting in greenhouse conditions (sowing from 20th November to 10th February; planting from the February to 10th April). As the dates of sowing were delayed the period of transplants production and the differences between the six applied dates of cultivation reached 17-29 days. The period between the planting out of the sweet pepper plants and the first harvest was also markedly shortened (27-32 days). An attempt was made to associate the observed response of sweet peppers with the changing light conditions. Analysis of yields showed a decrease connected with later dates of planting but not directly proportional to the length of time the plants had from the earlier date of transplanting. From the biological point of view the planting in the middle of March was found to be the most favourable.

Cebula S., 1992. The effect of sowing and planting dates on the growth and yields of sweet pepper in greenhouse conditions. Folia Horticulturae IV/2: 15-23.