Folia Horticulturae

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Diallel analysis of some characters in pepper

Roman Kordus

Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding
Laboratory of Horticultural Plant Breeding, University of Agriculture
Zgorzelecka 16, 60-198 Poznań, Poland

The genetic analysis of diallel tables 6×6 was carried out for the following characters pf hot pepper: yield, number and weight of fruit, number of days from sowing to the beginning of flowering and ripening. The effects of additive and non-additive gene action proved to be significant in the inheritance of all tested features. Estimations of general and specific combining abilities were made, as well as of the maternal effects of the initial lines. Moreover, in the case of the adequate additive-dominance model, the degrees of dominance and the heritability coefficients were calculated.

Kordus R., 1991. Diallel analysis of some characters in pepper. Folia Horticulturae III/2: 51-63.