Folia Horticulturae

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Growth and cropping of micropropagated trees of sour cherry cultivars

W. Poniedziałek, W. Lech, M. Małodobry

Department of Pomology
Faculty of Horticulture, Agricultural University
29 Listopada 54, 31-425 Kraków, Poland

Previous studies showed the possibility of efficient micropropagation of numerous sour cherry cultivars and production of young trees from the material obtained by this method. It has been found that the trees of Schattenmorelle from tissue culture present valuable material for commercial plantations. The growth and bearing of these trees in the orchard were comparable to those on the P. mahaleb rootstock. They showed frost hardiness and did not produce excessive numbers of roots suckers. North Star cv from tissue culture showed poorer growth and yield and its fruit was smaller than that from trees of the same cultivar on F 12/1 rootstock. Further studies are needed with regard to this cultivar. Nefris from tissue culture grew well and gave high yields, but produced numerous root suckers.

Poniedziałek W., Lech W., Małodobry M., 1990. Growth and cropping of micropropagated trees of sour cherry cultivars. Folia Horticulturae II/2: 99-111.