Folia Horticulturae

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In vitro propagation of brassicas

Wojciech Pawłowski

Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Production
Agricultural University
Łobzowska 24, 31-140 Kraków, Poland

Seeds of Brussels sprouts, white cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and Chinese mustard were sterilized in 4% NaClO and germinated on 0.6% agar. Seedling tips with cotyledons and hypocotyl segment were cut off and transferred to media inducing shoot regeneration. In Brussels sprouts 61% of explants regenerated and in other brassicas over 90%. Shoots isolated from primary explants were propagated on media with varying content of growth substances. An increased content of BA stimulated shoot regeneration. The highest coefficients of propagation were obtained on media with 2.0 mg l-1 BA. The IAA did not exhibit similar effects. The shoots obtained in cultures were successfully rooted and planted into soil mix.

Pawłowski W., 1990. In vitro propagation of brassicas. Folia Horticulturae II/2: 53-61.